Artist: Meteorites
Album: Blood & Stardust EP / Transform the Waves
Format: Download
Label: storage records
Cat-no.: storage37
Price: only available as download
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Their first official release since a string of original material and remixes that marked their debut on Rise Robots Rise Records in 2003, this four track EP deals a beautifully cinematic punch to a time in which most sonic retail is reduced to digital compression and void of analog winds. As the EpÕs title and videoŠ single “Blood & StardustÓ suggest the sounds are borderline sci-fi and strangely esoteric with a caribean edge and quality modular synths bubbling up between thick basslines, jumpy mute guitars and cosmic choirs. The drum programming has a decisively individual twist, opting for finely crafted airyness that reminds more of tablas and middle eastern elegance than classic drumkits, pairing samples with real percussion to produce an original pallet of rhythmic color, while hardly reffering to fill ins. Reverbs and echoes are used sparingly too, so as not to obstruct the songwriting, and while the titles retain a distinct sense of loop based track culture that explores costumes of song structure and elaborate arrangement the rhythms remain dinstinctly minimal, whilest pairing a sense of experimental production with well studied pop appeal.

“Ladies and monsters, black green and white lies, alien sponsors fallen from the night sky, look to the future to find new solutions, no intruders, in and out is illusion. Summon up the ancient folk, patiently we hope, at dawn i swore a sungod's oath, tonigh let's bring the earth back home, Blood and stardust in every heart, don't let it rust, see you at the pyramids, on this earthship, wonder what indigenous to this world is!?“
Blood & Stardust