Artist: Max Turner
Album: Fistful of Leaves
Format: 7 inch
Label: storage records
Cat-no.: aum01
Price: EUR 7,00
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MAX TURNER – Fistful of Leaves

7inch vinyl in transparent green, limited to 123 pcs

Marking the end of 2 decades since his debut on Felix Kubin’s Gagarin, the co-founder of the infamous Puppetmastaz presents his first release after 5 years of musical reshaping in India. Training in Carnatic and Hindustani music, he returns with a spice box of fragrant silences and spirit drones, blended with rhythmical nuggets of microtonal aspirations.  Fistful of Leaves is the first Singel of Max Turner's upcoming album, released on AUM.

Aum is a channel that celebrates musical illusions and rhythmic intuition; a meandering search light of sound and poetic ponderation beneath the nocturnal mirror dome of heavenly objects.  Night siblings! Get ready to slow glow and grit grind in the deep eve’s solar remnants, the moonsound beckons!

This very special vinyl is manufactured in collaboration with AUM, Edition Stora and Ameise and dedicated to support Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg.