Artist: Felix Kubin & Hubert Zemler
Album: CEL
Format: 12 inch LP
Label: Bureau B
Cat-no.: BB334
Price: EUR 21,15
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The debut album from this German-Polish duo CEL is a test laboratory for rhythmic cadences and electrostatic discharges. Under the expert guidance of Hamburg producer Tobias Levin, they have created seven self-contained instrumentals enriched by vibraphone, xylophone and African percussion. Zemler s stripped down mechanics and Kubin s erratic electronics dovetail superbly. A sense of concentrated restlessness pervades the album in the greater stream of things, some tracks come close to bursting their banks whilst others scale the loftiest heights of insanity. And yet - every movement, every tone fits perfectly. There is method to the madness, an exercise in systematic excess.

Release: February 14th, 2020

1. Ping Korridor
2. Lichtton
3. Elektrybat
4. Funkenkammer
5. Das Personal
6. Doppelbild
7. Jimmy Carter