details... I.Y.M
Album: biopolitique
Info: wet and ai were dj's from nowhere, one day they became sick of all this shit. wich shit ? the ties-ba...
Format: 12 inch EP | wwilko11 | Price: EUR 9,00

details... 8ROLEK
Album: umpomat
Info: 8rolek - umpomat (2005) CD, unlimited edition mik.musik.!. 2005 catalogue #37/2005 long awaited thi...
Format: CD | mik037 | Price: EUR 13,00

details... A*CLASS
Album: Ain't no Future but our Future
Info: Stop dancing! Assimilate! Take the pillow from your head and put a book in it! Stay sober! Keep your ...
Format: CD | nneon003-2 | Price: EUR 10,00
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details... A.F.R.I STUDIOS
Album: Goodbye If You Call That Gone
Info: by Philip Sherburne ++ A.F.R.I Studios, Goodbye If You Call That Gone (Lucky Kitchen) This makes the...
Format: CD | lk012 | Price: EUR 15,00

details... A.K.KLOSOWSKI
Album: A.K.Klosowski plays the Kassetteninstrument
Info: Release Date: 1.11.2016 Long before digital sampling was affordable for everyone, A.K.Klosowski inv...
Format: 12 inch LP | gr2035 | Price: not in stock!

details... AAVIKKO
Album: History of music
Info: Here, in an effort to equal those original levels of listening enjoyment, AAVIKKO and trusted studio ...
Format: CD | music-03 | Price: sold out!
details... AAVIKKO
Album: Aavikko meets Kabar 7 inch
Format: 7 inch | muysic-05 | Price: sold out!
details... AAVIKKO
Album: Derek !
Format: CD | scd_016 | Price: EUR 13,00
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details... AERON BERGMAN
Album: The Shed Record
Info: Lucky Kitchen's Aeron Bergman prefaces The Shed Record with a quote from Foucault:
Format: CD | diskono010 | Price: not in stock!

Album: Shadow Of Events
Info: LP/CD Shadow Of Events is the third album by Oslo, Norway sound artist, producer and musician Alexan...
Format: CD | dekorder053 | Price: EUR 12,50

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